Virtual Death Over Dinner

Covid-19 has pushed us to face death and impermanence.  Let's face it together, virtually, in the comfort of our home.  This could be the strangest request ever, but we invite you to join us in talking about death. This is one of the most important conversations that people are not having and Bold Conversations wants to change that.

What is it?

Virtual Death Over Dinner is a conversation over Zoom, video conferencing, that encourages people talk about end of life at home rather than in the intensive care unit when it’s too late.


It is not meant to be a morbid conversation, but a very human one, where we consider what we want, both in life and during its close. 


Let's talk about it - so we can lean into any fears we might have, get rid of inhibitions, and build deeper connections. 


Feel free to bring your dinner and a beverage of your choice.

When is it?

The next Death Over Dinner is

Date: Tuesday, May 26th, 2020


Time: 5 pm - 7:30 pm MDT


Via Zoom 

Cost: Free


Spots are limited to the first 49, so we encourage you to register your ticket soon. 


The evening is to be uplifting and interactive and we expect you to relish transforming a seemingly difficult conversation into a fulfilling experience. 

What Virtual Death Over Dinner Attendees are Saying:

"I found the Death Over Dinner event to be so inspiring! I enjoyed meeting everyone and having great conversations with them. I learned a lot and we shared similar and unique thoughts. I am inspired to continue conversations in my community. Thank you for the experience."


- Diana

Expect the same genuine conversation but over computer or mobile device!  It does mean you’ll have to cook and pour wine for yourself but I’m sure we are getting use to this self-reliance.


We are limiting it to 49 guests. We will have small breakout rooms of up to 7 people eating, drinking and chatting with each other.  Each room will have a moderator assigned to move conversations along and be a participant.


We will still send out something to read, listen, and watch prior to the event to prime your thoughts on death.  We ask that you bring a candle to light in honor of someone, and your curiosity and open mind.  At the end of the night, we will be inviting guests to share reflections, any wisdom gleaned, and their commitments to take action.  


Resources and further opportunities for engagement will be shared.

What to Expect

Why is this Important?

Our lives are spent figuring out how to live, and one of the most underutilized resources is the wisdom that death offers.  As the world spins in this pandemic and we self isolate, it invites us to reflect on our life and what is important and essential. 

Over 200,000 people have died many alone without their families by their side.  How many conversations were left unsaid?  How many end-of-life wishes were not fulfilled? How many people could not speak for themselves?  The risk of not having the conversation is far greater than our fear of it.

Let's talk about death now, when we are calm, curious and can ask questions.  We can take a seemingly difficult conversation and transform it into an uplifting and interactive online experience. Discovering what we value, by talking with others, can reduce the fear and illuminate what is important, funny and endearing to us. It allows us to access the wisdom of mortality to help us uncover what we truly find essential so we may design a better life.

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